Marita Ruuth
Naurispolku 3 F 17
06150 Porvoo
+358 40 5296887

My aim is to breed healthy, good-tempered and breedstandard Ragdolls.
All my animals, cats as well as my chihuahuagirl live happily and free in our common home.
(Naturally my cats have their own outdoor-run for their activities in our backyard- cage where they are able to run in and out when ever they want to).
Also the kittens grow together with the rest of the family.

I test my cats regularly:  FeLV, FIV, kidney- and heart tests (HCM-dna).   All my cats are registered under TICA, vaccinated and regularly researched by veterinary.
The kittens will be two times vaccinated, many times warmed, microchipped and veterinary researched. 

Ringwarm test of cattery was clean 2012

"Gage" for me and my cats:

 "Gage" for boys: (Through window)